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Christian faith is "the greatest story ever told," yet many Catholics don't know the "narrative thread" that ties their faith together. They will when you bring the eight-part bible study "I LEARNED THE STORY" to your parishioners who will come to see how the Bible relates to everyday life by discovering the remarkable connections between the Old and New Testaments. But for them to be able to say "I LEARNED THE STORY" your bible study must first be promoted. These large visual communications are perfect for just that because they can be customized with your parish name and the day and times when your faith community will be coming together to learn the greatest story every told!
Wide Retractable Banners are wider and taller than the average person. Installed with a luxury stand, these banners are easily noticed within a church narthex or sanctuary, or when standing in a school lobby or hallway or outside a ministry office. Available in either satin fabric or strong, smooth vinyl, wide retractable banners are ideal for messages of Catholic faith formation, and because the banner easily retracts back into the durable stand, they can be quickly set up at any location and easily stored without fear of creasing the banner. Perfect for evangelization or celebration, unique wide retractable banners can also be created by Spark Catholic for any need by a Catholic faith community.

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Spark Catholic Communications, LLC is a visual communications company serving Catholic communities through sales of large format signage products including indoor and outdoor banners, flags, lawn signs and more. Spark Catholic's customers are Catholic parishes, schools, institutions and ministries in need of Catholic graphic design services and Catholic signage products for improved Catholic evangelization and Catholic identity through the use of colorful imagery and messaging that is faithful to Roman Catholic teaching. (Read More)

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