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When priests and deacons are ordained, the bishop tells them: "Believe what you read; teach what you believe; practice what you teach". The Diocese of Syracuse calls that "Our Catholic Faith: Know It, Live It, Share It." This 10 ft. X 7.5 ft. tall visual get's that message out to your parish in a big way, as wall art, making an attractive narthex display. The collapsible pop-up display frame is easy to set up and the easily attached stretch fabric graphic can be replaced with other graphics for different seasonal messages of faith and encouragement.
A-Frame signage stands hold removable sheets of plastic printed with a design easily seen from one or two directions by passersby when place at a driveway or doorway entrance, or even indoors within a hallway. These A-Frame stands are a low cost investment and wonderful option for communications need whether to announce upcoming faith formation classes, locations of club meetings, where to park or to remind all of upcoming events. A-Frame stand designs can be easily removed to allow the initial investment in the stand to be used throughout the year with another Spark Catholic A-Frame design or unique designs which Spark Catholic can create for your Catholic faith community.

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Spark Catholic Communications, LLC is a visual communications company serving Catholic communities through sales of large format signage products including indoor and outdoor banners, flags, lawn signs and more. Spark Catholic's customers are Catholic parishes, schools, institutions and ministries in need of Catholic graphic design services and Catholic signage products for improved Catholic evangelization and Catholic identity through the use of colorful imagery and messaging that is faithful to Roman Catholic teaching. (Read More)

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