Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

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Pole Banners are a stylish way to present Catholic teaching or make known the symbols and icons of our Christian faith and Catholic culture. Pole Banners are hemmed at the top to allow the stand pole to slide through and the banner to hang down. Different designs can easily be switched out or an existing pole banner stand can be used to bring charm and inspiration to a church sanctuary or narthex, a school lobby, hallway or chapel. Material options for pole banners are high quality satin fabric (recommended for sanctuaries) or high quality matte vinyl (equally impressive but less expensive). Use these pole banners to inspire Catholic devotion, make known the icons of saints or to celebrate the sacraments of the Church or for any unique banner need which Spark Catholic can support for your Catholic faith community.

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Spark Catholic Communications, LLC is a visual communications company serving Catholic communities through sales of large format signage products including indoor and outdoor banners, flags, lawn signs and more. Spark Catholic's customers are Catholic parishes, schools, institutions and ministries in need of Catholic graphic design services and Catholic signage products for improved Catholic evangelization and Catholic identity through the use of colorful imagery and messaging that is faithful to Roman Catholic teaching. (Read More)

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