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Thank you for your interest in learning more about Spark Catholic Communications. We have categorized our frequently asked questions in an effort to help you narrow down your search. Select the category below that best fits your needs.

Spark Catholic Communications is a visual communications and marketing company that provides a variety of high-quality signage for Catholic parishes, ministries, and schools. Our signage includes indoor and outdoor banners, flags, and lawn signs. We also offer graphic design services and provide you with free, online tools to customize or create your own signage or messaging. All of Spark Catholic's products reflect imagery, themes, and messaging of the Catholic Faith.
While the majority of our customers are Catholic parishes, schools, and ministries, our graphic design services and contemporary banners, flags, and signage products can be used by other Christian churches and organizations for evangelization purposes.
No, Spark Catholic's products and services are available for sale to any individual or group. We anticipate that the value of our banners and signage designs will be more widely recognized by Catholics, but any Christian group may purchase and use them for the intention of advancing faith in Christ.
As the Catechism of The Catholic Church (CCC) teaches, the Creed begins with God, the "First and the Last, the beginning and the end" of everything, and with the creation of heaven and earth, the beginning and the foundation of all God's works (CCC 198). Catholics follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God and Second Person of the Holy Trinity, who gathered apostles and disciples, preached the Gospel, died on the Cross, and rose from the dead. Catholics believe the Church was founded by Jesus himself and continues to be guided by the Holy Spirit, through the leadership of the apostles and their successors, the bishops. Guided by the authority Christ has given the Church, Catholics follow the Word of God as revealed through the Bible (Sacred Scripture) and Sacred Tradition. Non-Catholic Christians share with the Church a common faith in Jesus Christ and his saving Gospel.
Not officially. As with many other Catholic organizations, Spark was founded by committed lay Catholics as a ministry at the service of the Church. Though we are not affiliated with any diocese, we always seek to work in close collaboration with the clergy of the Church and be faithful to Catholic teaching.
To answer the call of St. John Paul II to be disciples of the "New Evangelization," first expressed in 1983 when the pope called us to seek a "new ardor, new methods, and new expression" for the sake of sharing the Gospel. Using the words of a U.S. bishops' document, we are "disciples called to witness." This means to proclaim the Gospel anew to those who have already been evangelized to deepen their faith, to have greater confidence in the Gospel, and to possess a willingness to share the Gospel. Our products and services seek to serve the New Evangelization in effective manner.
We live in a busy world, where messages get lost amidst the noise. Yet our parishes, ministries, and schools-and their leaders-have important messages Catholics need to hear. This is the mission of Spark: to help Catholic leaders communicate more effectively to those they are trying to reach. Spark Catholic's colorful banners, flags, and signs, when they are displayed in a church sanctuary or narthex, inside a Catholic school or ministry lobby, or in parking lots or as grass lawn signs, are a great way to promote liturgical seasons, feast days, or parish and community events. Because large format visuals also offer attractive and artistic ways to teach and inspire devotion to Catholic faith and community, they seldom go unnoticed and are thus an effective way for Catholic leaders to communicate with their audiences.
At Spark Catholic Communications we understand and live our Catholic faith. Our designers combine faith, art, and language using the newest large format printing products in service to the New Evangelization. We would welcome the opportunity to produce your large format printing requirements for your parish, school, or ministry. Your budget for visual communications will be spent on a superior product, produced by a company that has focused its mission on serving the cause of Catholic evangelization.
The founders and the management team of Spark Catholic are practicing Catholics who have extensive experience in Catholic ministries and secular businesses. We founded Spark Catholic Communications as to serve the needs of the local and universal Church. Learn more about our team here About Us.
All actions have their origin in God, the creator, redeemer and sanctifier of all. The name Spark is rooted in God's creative work in the world, through the reality of grace-his "sparks" of inspiration. On a purely natural level, we also wanted a name that connoted energy and fun.
Everyone is attracted to beauty-and everyone wants to be encouraged and inspired. Spark's products work because they are aesthetically appealing and rooted in the life-changing words of Scripture, the teachings of the Church, and the great saints. We believe that, through prayer, our artists and authors are assisted by God's grace as they endeavor to help Catholic parishes, schools, and ministries inspire those in their care and help them joyfully live out their Catholic faith.
Actually, both. Spark Catholic offers reasonably priced graphic design services, and we use our creative team to design all our products. We have a varied selection of ready-to-use media that we add to on a regular basis. Most of our banner, flag, and signage products include designs which are complete and ready for online ordering. Some of our designs allow for simple customization using the online illustrator tool found on our website Customizable Designs so they can be made unique for each Catholic community or event.
We strive to add new designs each week, so please check for them on SparkCatholic.com regularly. If you would like to be notified when we add new designs and offer discounts and other promotions, please subscribe to our email newsletter. We also welcome any ideas you have. Email us at: Suggestions@SparkCatholic.com.
Our banners and signage products inspire Catholic faith, promote and direct attendance at Mass, and elicit a sense of belonging to a parish. When our banners are hung inside sanctuaries or hung from light poles, people take notice. When our tasteful, colorful, and contemporary signage is seen in a lobby or church or school parking lot, there is immediate awareness. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Browse our website. If you would like to talk about the possibilities which bring artistic contemporary Catholic messaging to your parish or school, call one of our customer support representatives at 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
Certainly! We sell our Catholic graphic design services and our signage to encourage fellowship and faith formation within parishes, and anyone can purchase our products as gifts for their pastors, assistant pastor, school principal, or parish ministers. Your gift can be shipped directly your parish, if you choose. If you believe Spark Catholic products would benefit your parish, consider talking to your pastor, school principal, or parish minister, or surprise them with a Spark Catholic banner as your gift to your parish or favorite Catholic ministry.
Because we have a website tool to upload artwork files, Spark Catholic banner and signage designs can be created by our customers. Some of these original Print On Demand designs can become available for sale to others with permission. In most cases, though, Spark Catholic banner and signage designs have been proposed and approved for sale on SparkCatholic.com by our team members and consultants, who include Catholic theologians, catechists, and authors. Our leadership team also approves designs submitted to Spark Catholic by faith-filled graphic artists because of their love for their Catholic faith.
Any questions are not addressed in this document or within our Terms of Use Agreement can be answered at Support@SparkCatholic.com or 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
Because the Spark Catholic Communications website contains proprietary graphic designs that are protected under U.S. and international copyright laws, you are asked to acknowledge our rights and agree that these designs may not be duplicated without our consent. Such tacit agreement is also required for customers who purchase through our website. Please carefully review our Terms of Use Agreement.
Browse our website to see the various types of products and designs we sell. Click on a category of our "Spark Designs" or "Products" by using the navigational tools at the top of every webpage. You can also use our search tool. If you do not find what you need, click on our Spark On Demand services and contact one of our customer service representatives by calling 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
Yes. In many cases, you can use our Customizable Designs online resource to make your edits and customize a design for your needs. If you see a design you like and would like it modified for your particular use, please contact us by email at Support@SparkCatholic.com or call us at 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
Absolutely. We have begun with an initial offering of saints as samples for our customers. Our plan is to create new designs on a regular basis, and we will gladly design materials with a particular patron saint on request. Please review our Spark On Demand services, which allow you to order any new design you require. If you have any question about a particular design or a new design you would like us to create for you, email us at: Support@SparkCatholic.com or call us at 1-855-97-SPARK. (1-855-977-7275)
You are halfway there. Seeing the need for banners and signage that aid Catholic evangelism in a parish is the first step. When budgets do not allow the purchase of banners and signage, consider turning to fellow parishioners; there are always some who seek to support "tangible" initiatives. In addition, ask one of the active groups in your parish, such as the Knights of Columbus, for assistance. Together, your gift of visual communications might be less of a cost to you personally while your friends share in the blessing of contributing to your parish or school.
Yes. We are always interested in new ideas that will help parishes, ministries, and schools, whether they are design ideas, Bible verses, or quotes from saints. Please email your ideas to Suggestions@SparkCatholic.com.
Call us! We welcome the opportunity to assist you. It is our hope and expectation that we can help you find or design exactly what you have in mind for your Catholic parish, school, or ministry. Call us at 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
Yes. If you are a graphic artist or if the Catholic community you belong to has an employee or volunteer with graphic design skills, Spark Catholic offers Print On Demand services. By following simple directions our website you can easily upload an artwork file that we will use to create a large format printed banner, flag, or sign. We also have a large selection of Customizable Designs which include "placeholder" text that can be customized through use of our online design tool.
Our online design tool is very easy to use. Click on the link Customizable Designs to add your text in an appropriate font into specific areas of the design template. If you need a completely different "look" or concept, go to our Spark On Demand services, which allow you to direct us to create a product that fits your needs. Feel free to speak with a Spark representative at 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
Yes. If you have access to graphic design software, and know how to create high resolution vectored artwork (as is required for large format printing), Spark Catholic's Print On Demand service will work perfectly for you. This unique service allows Catholic parishes, schools and ministries to choose a Spark Catholic product and then upload your own graphic design to create a visual concept that will better work for you. Spark Catholic will do the rest-printing the large format product you created and ordered, and shipping it to you in a timely manner.
No. Spark Catholic retains the copyright on the design and artwork of all of its products. That said, you are welcome to use the finished product in any manner you wish (e.g., hanging it your parish church, presenting it as a gift, etc.). We created our Spark On Demand service to allow you a simple and effective way to get the design you want. Violating a legitimate copyright is both illegal and immoral. As such, it ultimately harms the workers and families of those who produce such products for the good of the wider Christian community. For more information, please see our Terms of Use.
Because the "source" image and concept was created by Spark Catholic and because our Spark On Demand tool was used to customize your design, Spark retains the rights on the final product. Please consult our Terms of Use Agreement for more information or speak with a Spark representative at 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275). That said, if you create an entirely new concept using original artwork using our Print On Demand services, you are granted the rights to that particular design. Therefore, if Spark wanted to offer your original design to our other customers, we would need to reach an agreement with you regarding compensation.
Yes. While we cannot guarantee that every submitted idea will be used, we are very much open to receiving original concepts. Please understand that, by submitting your ideas We understand that some graphic artists see themselves as Disciples Called To Witness The New Evangelism and, as a result, may want to partner with Spark Catholic. With respect to intellectual property rights of others, however, please understand that by providing Spark with ideas, images, or graphic artwork for the intended benefit of evangelization, you may be surrendering any perceived or real rights to those materials. Note: By submitting any ideas, images, or artwork to Spark, it is understood that you hold the rights to those ideas, images, or artwork or have received the appropriate permission or "release" if they are from another source. Please contact us to discuss these issues, either via email Suggestions@SparkCatholic.com or by calling 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
As a Catholic business, Spark Catholic respects the intellectual property of others. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact us at 1-800-855-7725. You can also write us at Spark Catholic Communications, LLC, Copyright Compliance, P.O. Box 45, Newtown Square, PA 19073. We are extremely careful in creating our products to be original in their design, without reference to another work, so any similarity is incidental and not unintentional. That said, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns in this regard.
Spark Catholic Communications recognizes that some of its customers may have unique needs, either regarding a particular design or a larger format printed product than we display for sale. We may be able to offer you a customized variation in the size on one of our designs, a change of language, color, or product type. We offer low-cost Product On Demand services, which include product consulting for Catholic communities and recommendations for print materials (fabric, vinyl, plastic, etc.), at a reasonable cost. If you don't see what you need on our website, please call us at 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
Yes. Visitors to SparkCatholic.com can visit our website without revealing any personal information. That said, by visiting SparkCatholic.com you are giving tacit agreement to our Terms of Use, which notes that our web servers may track the Internet domain address from which you came to visit our website and that we may analyze this data for trends and statistics. Individual users of our website remain anonymous unless they voluntarily log into a previously created Spark Catholic account or choose to submit personal information through our website to make a purchase. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.
Anyone can be a Spark Catholic customer. When someone to decides to make a purchase, however, we do have some basic requirements, including creating an online account with us by providing a valid email address and choosing an account user ID and password.
Very secure. We use highly sophisticated technology to ensure your online purchases will be safe and secure. We encrypt all personal information, including names, addresses, and credit card numbers when transmitting over the Internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security software. We update our security procedures regularly to enhance our website and meet the most up-to-date encryption standards. We retain a third-party security firm to audit our procedures to ensure compliance with these standards. All of your sensitive information is encrypted before, during, and after your order is placed on our website. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.
No. Spark Catholic Communications will never sell, trade, share, or rent your email address to another individual or company. We believe that your email address is personal and should be kept that way. We use your email address to provide you with better customer care and support and to update you on Spark Catholic information you have requested. Note, however, that if you make an online purchase from us through our website or sign up to receive our newsletter or catalog mailings, our Privacy Policy permits us to share your information with third-party direct mail companies or web services companies we engage to communicate with you. Your name, address, and details about products you have purchased from us may be shared so that you can receive direct mail offers for other Catholic products or services that may be of interest you.
We understand that natural reaction one would have about providing information. We have the same thoughts when we do the same, in our own personal purchases on the websites of others. Yet, we're sure you also understand the basic information is almost always needed for any online or phone purchase. By opening an online account with us, and providing minimal personal information (i.e. name, address, phone number, email address, etc.), your purchases and transactions can be processed and you can be provided with the products services you request. You can also receive our catalogues and other direct mail offers via the U.S. mail. We use your email address to keep you informed of our new or additional products, services and promotions that might be of interest to you. Your contact information also allows us to contact you about the status of your orders and provide you with order status updates through e-mail notification, including order and shipping confirmations which include links allowing you to track the location of your shipment through our online tracking system. Because we value our relationship with our customers, you can always opt-out of receiving our email newsletter through a link at the bottom of each newsletter we email to you. And, as mentioned, we never rent or sell anyone's information. It is only used for your working relationship with Spark Catholic Communications.
By creating an online account with us, you benefit from your personal account available to you every time you log in to our SparkCatholic.com website. Using a personal user ID and password to access your account saves you time by not having to submit your ordering information repeatedly. In addition, you may be invited to participate in our referral programs and promotional discounts based on your past purchases or your zip code, if your diocese has designated Spark Catholic as a preferred partner.
Yes. You can request that any personal information provided to Spark Catholic be deleted to opt-out of receiving our catalogs and emails. Email us at support@sparkcatholic.com or write to Spark Catholic Communications Customer Care, P.O. Box 45, Newtown Square, PA 19073. To be removed from our email contact list simply click the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of our email newsletters. You will still continue to receive order confirmation emails, however.
Customers can make payment by credit card, electronic check, or mailed check. Your payment information can be saved in your account profile. To edit your payment information, simply log onto your SparkCatholic.com account and edit your account profile.
Unfortunately, no. Please contact us at Support@SparkCatholic.com or by telephone at 855-97-SPARK.
You will receive an email confirmation that we are processing your order. You will receive second email notification when your order has been printed, packaged for shipment, and shipped. This email will include a tracking number / link for you to follow the shipment of your order and know when it will arrive.
Yes. Because we fulfill all product requests in the order in which they are received, your order may take us three to five business days to process, print, and ship. When your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email which will include a tracking number / link.
We examine and inspect every item before it leaves our production facility and is shipped. Despite these safeguards, it is possible that your package could have been damaged in shipment or we made a design error. If your order appears to be damaged upon arrival or you notice a printing error, please contact us immediately at Support@SparkCatholic.com or 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275). We will seek to remedy any issues as soon as possible.
No, except in the unlikely event they contain a printing error. Customized orders cannot be returned because they cannot be re-sold. That said, if your order has not yet been printed, we may be able to cancel your order or correct any errors. For a fuller description of our product return policy, please see our Terms of Use Agreement.
You may cancel your order at any time until it is printed. If we have printed and shipped your order, you may return it for credit. Please see our Terms of Use Agreement. If you have place a customized order, we are unable to issue a refund or credit, as customized products cannot be resold. Note again that your order must be cancelled before it is printed. If you need to cancel an order, please contact us at Support@SparkCatholic.com or 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
Yes. We want our customers to be happy with their order. We guarantee your satisfaction by offering credit to purchase other Spark Catholic products. We simply ask that any problems related to product defects, damage, or missing components in a shipment be reported to us within ten business days of receipt. Note that returns received after ten days will only be accepted on a case-by-case basis and may result in a minimum twenty-five percent re-stocking fee. In addition, credits must be used within twelve months of receipt.
Products returned to Spark Catholic require a "Return Authorization" (RA) number, and products returned without an RA number will not be accepted. Except in the case of an error by Spark Catholic and agreed to in advance under a Return Authorization, customers are responsible for return shipping charges. Please note that orders sent C.O.D. cannot be returned. Merchandise that has been altered, soiled, packaged poorly, damaged in shipment, or which is incomplete, may not be accepted or may be subject to an additional charge. Insurance for return shipments is recommended, as customers are responsible for product safe return. After pre-arrangement and possible obtainment of a RA number, product returns should be sent to the address on your Return Authorization that was delivered to you via email.
Spark Catholic usually ships purchases within five to seven business days from receipt of an order. (On occasion, due to high order volume, shipping may take seven to ten business days.) Note that shipping of customized orders may take between ten and fourteen business days. Shipment of an order is made upon receipt of payment. If you require a guaranteed delivery date, please call us at 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275) to discuss expediting your order for a reasonable surcharge.
Yes, customers are responsible for paying shipping cost. We ship via FedEx from the nearest fulfillment center to your "ship to" address. The shipping costs paid by our customers are always reasonable with consideration of the least number of boxes required for the ordered products, the weight of each product, and the "ship to" location's distance from our closest fulfillment center. Three shipping options are available depending on how time-sensitive your order is.
Not as costly as one might expect. Due to a special pricing arrangement with FedEx, Spark Catholic customers are charged extremely reasonable rates.
Spark Catholic customer orders are fulfilled within five to seven business. If you need your order fulfilled sooner, call us at 1-855-97-SPARK, and we will strive to expedite the printing of your order. You can also expedite the delivery of your order by selecting a more rapid FedEx shipping option, which includes overnight delivery.
Yes. All costs associated with your order, including shipping fees, are clearly shown in your shopping cart after you select a shipping option. While Spark Catholic does not charge a handling fee, you are responsible for the shipping costs. Depending on the state to which your order is being shipped, sales taxes may be charged as required by law. In addition, customers are responsible for any customs fees, duties, or tariffs for international shipments.
Yes. You will be able to track your order as soon as it is shipped. All Spark Catholic customers are provided with a FedEx tracking number link. From the moment your order is shipped, ownership and title pass to you and you have the right to track and recover any lost shipments through FedEx.
We occasionally offer discounts on our products, usually through our email newsletter and in our seasonal catalogues. Sign up for our email newsletter to ensure you receive the promotional codes to take advantage of these discounts. You can also receive a promotional discount if you introduce Spark Catholic to other parishes, ministries, or groups who then become customers.
We plan on having many of our designs available in Spanish soon. In addition, we can translate any of our designs into any language you might require. Simply choose a design you like and which of our products you wish to approve your suggested translation of the text included within that design. We will do the rest. Contact us at Support@SparkCatholic.com or at 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
Yes. First, please pray for the success of Our Mission. We will also be most grateful for your efforts to spread the word about Spark Catholic Communications as a ministry-business serving the "New Evangelization." By sharing SparkCatholic.com within your social media and emails with other Catholics, and particularly with Catholic priests, pastors, ministry leaders, and school administrators, you will be joining our mission to be Disciples Called To Witness The New Evangelization.
If you have forgotten your user name or password, go to our "Log In" page using the navigation link at the top of each page of SparkCatholic.com. Use the "Forgot Your Password" link or Click Here to go there now to reset your password. (Note: you'll need to enter the email you used to open you account. If you can't recall it try a few email addresses you might have used.) When you request us to reset your password, we will send you an email with you're the User ID you established for your account and a link to re-sent your password. If you continue to have any difficulty accessing your account, contact a member of the Spark Catholic Support Team directly at: Support@SparkCatholic.com.
Yes. You need to be logged in to your Spark Catholic account to make changes to your profile. (If you forget your user name or password you can Click Here to reset your password to regain access to your account.) Once you are logged into your Spark Catholic account, you can update your information as needed. (Note, however, that your user name cannot be changed without opening a new account.)
Yes. To cancel your Spark Catholic account, contact us at Support@SparkCatholic.com and request that your account be closed. After canceling your account, you will receive no further emails or contact from Spark until you would open a new account.
Not at the present time. While we hope to develop a formal referral program in the future, know that we are actively working on relationships with dioceses in which special discounts are given to parishes, schools, and ministries. Please email us to see if your diocese has a special arrangement in place. By being on our email list, you have a better chance of learning about these discounts. Contact us at Support@SparkCatholic.com, or at 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
It may. Please contact us for more information at Support@SparkCatholic.com or at 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
Yes. Sign up to receive our email newsletters by submitting your email address using the form at the lower right corner of this webpage. To receive our most recent catalog mailings, you must open up a free Spark Catholic online account with us. To be included on our mailing list to receive our seasonal Spark Catholic catalogs, you will need to open a free account or have already made a purchase with us.
Yes, our standard product includes the necessary hardware to display it. (It is possible, though, for you to purchase without this hardware.) Banners can be purchased separately, or a banner stand can be selected as an option. The types of banner stands that can be selected as options include a Pole Stand (which allow banners to hang down evenly from a stand with a cross pole which goes through a hem in the banner top), an X-Stand (which uses the four corner grommets in a banner that may be displayed more temporarily), a Pop-Up Retractable Stand (which allows banners to be easily rolled up and down into a storage case) or an A-Frame Stand for a large horizontal to be displayed on the ground or a floor. Banners alone (without any stand), can also be ordered with options for a pole hem at the top and bottom or with metal grommets as options to hang banners without use of a banner stand.
Spark Catholic sells banners printed on high quality satin fabric, or slightly lesser expensive (yet still high quality) super smooth matte vinyl. For church sanctuaries we recommend fabric, but our banner designs look so elegant when printed on either our satin fabric or our thick, smooth matte vinyl that even our lesser cost vinyl banners look great in church. Most of our horizontal and outside banners are printed on heavy duty vinyl, and our light pole banners are printed on heavy vinyl or our double sided "poplin" fabric. If you have a specific fabric or type of vinyl need, please contact us at Support@SparkCatholic.com or at 1-855-97-SPARK (1-855-977-7275).
Yes, all our banners have been tested and certified to be flame resistant by Diversified Testing Laboratories, Inc. You can click here to see our Certificate for Flame Resistance.
Spark Catholic's fabric banners are made of a polyester satin material that can be either hand washed or machine washed using the "light" or "delicate" setting. Wash in cold water using only a teaspoon of soap (or a few drops if hand washing). After washing, gently squeeze dry and place on a hanger to drip dry. Do not store your banner folded. To store, roll the banner on a tube and place it in a box or a plastic sleeve. We recommend that banners should be rolled with the image facing outward. If wrinkling occurred during shipping or storage, you may iron the material, using a low (i.e., cooler) setting. Iron on the reverse side. If wrinkles are difficult to remove, gradually increase the heat setting on your iron. Use caution when ironing a printed banner. Permanent damage to the ink could result. Fabric color may change temporarily when ironing. If just a matter if dust, clean your banner with a dry cloth or static duster. The best way to maintain your Spark Catholic banners which are not installed within a retractable stand is to keep your banner clean, covered, and dusted regularly from the time of your purchase.
The address of the buyer, laws of the buyer's state and/or local municipality of the buyer, and the degree to which Spark Catholic conducts business operations within the buyer's state, all determine any required application of sales tax Spark Catholic may be required under law to charge, collect and to remit to taxing authorities. At this time Spark Catholic only charges sales tax on sales to buyers in Pennsylvania. Any buyer which believe it is exempt from being charged sales tax must be purchasing products on behalf of a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which has already provided Spark Catholic a state authorized form which includes the buying organization's unique nine digit Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) assigned by the IRS and its tax exemption number found on the organization's Certificate of Exemption. The required state form must be executed by the authorized representative of the non-profit organization and forwarded to Spark Catholic. Upon receipt Spark Catholic will record of the organization's tax exempt status in order for sales tax to no longer being charged. Spark Catholic customers in Pennsylvania wishing provide their eligibility for sales tax exempt status may download the PA REV-1220 Sales Tax exempt form here. Fully executed sales exempt forms should be emailed to Support@SparkCatholic.com or mailed to Spark Catholic Communications, LLC P.O. Box 45 Newtown Square, PA 19073.

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